Keya Bhattacharya


Counselling Psychologist, Emotional Wellness Coach

MA, PGDPC (Psychology), CWYS, TTWYS 

(Yoga Medical College, World Yoga Society)

Communication: English | Hindi | Bengali

Format: Audio | Video | Text

stress relief

60 Minutes Life-Changing conversation For People (Adults & Childs) Living with behavioral problems, emotional difficulties, stress, tension, anxiety, relationship issues, mental illness and related issues.

You will consult with most 

senior psychologist and emotional wellness coach

who helped lots of adults and childs since last 11 years.


Counseling is a confidential process and all discussions always kept secret. We strictly maintain privacy and protect all information you provide

subscribe to counselling and coaching

with senior psychologist Keya Bhtatacharya,

discuss your issues (she is very friendly)



You will get two 60 minutes call every month and dedicated email and WhatsApp for support 
If further counselling is not needed, you will be informed for subscription cancellation and no fee shall be deducted.
You have option to cancel your subscription anytime.  
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